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Conference History

HPLC Series

The HPLC series since its first edition in 1973 in Interlaken, Switzerland, has established itself as one of the leading conferences in analytical chemistry and in particular in the field of separations sciences and related topics. The emphasis of the meeting will be around fundamentals aspects of separations sciences, sample preparation, novel developments and applications as well as hyphenation with mass spectrometry.

HPLC History

HPLC is an international forum for the scientific discussion of the methods of high performance liquid chromatography in its various forms, along with the complementary separation techniques such as electrophoresis, electrochromatography, field-flow fractionation, supercritical fluid chromatography and hyphenated techniques, such as LC/MS and CE/MS. In addition, microfluidics, separations on chips, diagnostic systems, and other leading technologies are also considered.

This conference originated in 1973. Advances in the field of liquid-phase separations are highlighted at each meeting. The meetings alternated between Europe and the United States with even years being in the US. Since 2008 additional meetings are held in Asia and other continents.


Year No. Location Chair(s)
1973 1st Interlaken, Switzerland Willy Simon
1975 2nd Wilmington, USA Jack J. Kirkland
1977 3rd Salzburg, Austria Joseph F.K. Huber
1979 4th Boston, USA Barry L. Karger
1981 5th Avignon, France Georges Guiochon
1982 6th Cherry Hill, USA Robert Bardford
1983 7th Baden-Baden, Germany Klaus Peter Hupe
1984 8th New York City, USA Csaba Horvath
1985 9th Edinburgh, UK John H. Knox
1986 10th San Francisco, USA Ronald E. Majors
1987 11th Amsterdam, The Netherlands Hans Poppe
1988 12th Washington, USA Georges Guiochon
1989 13th Stockholm, Sweden Douglas Westerlund
1990 14th Boston, USA Barry L. Karger
1991 15th Basel, Switzerland Fritz Erni
1992 16th Baltimore, USA Fred E. Regnier
1993 17th Hamburg, Germany Klaus K. Unger
1994 18th Minneapolis, USA Larry D. Bowers and Peter W. Carr
1995 19th Innsbruck, Austria Wolfgang Lindner
1996 20th San Francisco, USA William S. Hancock
1997 21st Birmingham, UK Anthony F. Fell
1998 22nd St. Louis, USA Daniel W. Armstrong
1999 23rd Granada, Spain Emilio Gelpi
2000 24th Seattle, USA Edward S. Yeung
2001 25th Maastricht, The Netherland Hans Poppe and Henk Lingeman
2001 25th Kyoto, Japan Nobuo Tanaka and Shigeru Terabe
2002 26th Montreal, Canada Irving W. Wainer
2003 27th Nice, France Antoine M. Siouffi
2004 28th Philadelphia, USA Mark R. Schure
2005 29th Stockholm, Sweden Douglas Westerlund
2006 30th San Francisco, USA John H. Frenz
2007 31st Gent, Belgium Jacques Crommen and Pat Sandra
2008 32nd Baltimore, USA Georges Guiochon and Stephen Jacobson
2008 33rd Kyoto, Japan Koji Otsuka and Nobuo Tanaka
2009 34th Dresden, Germany Christian Huber
2010 35th Boston, USA Steven A. Cohen
2011 36th Budapest, Hungary Attila Felinger
2011 37th Dalian, China Yukui Zhang and Peter Schoenmakers
2012 38th Anaheim, USA Frantisek Svec
2013 39th Amsterdam, The Netherlands Peter Schoenmakers
2013 40th Hobart, Australia Paul Haddad and Emily Hilder
2014 41st New Orleans, USA J. Michael Ramsey
2015 42nd Geneva, Switzerland Gérard Hopfgartner
2015 43rd Beijing, China Guibin Jiang
2016 44th San Francisco, USA Robert T. Kennedy
2017 45th Prague, Czech Republic Michal Holcapek and Frantisek Foret
2017 46th Jeju, South Korea Doo Soo Chung
2018 47th Washington, DC, USA Norman Dovichi
2019 48th Milan, Italy Alberto Cavazzini and Massimo Morbidelli
2019 49th Kyoto, Japan Koji Otsuka
2022 50th San Diego, USA Frantisek Svec
2023 51st Dusseldorf, Germany Michael Laemmerhofer and Oliver J. Schmitz