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Sponsors-Exhibitors-Media Partners-Supporting Scientific Organizations

Don’t miss out on the largest global, multidisciplinary gathering of separation scientists who are looking for immediate solutions to the most pressing challenges of today and tomorrow. HPLC 2022-San Diego will provide a unique opportunity to put your company in front of leading decision-makers at one of the most important conferences in the world dealing with all aspects of liquid-phase analytical separations. The major exhibition will showcase the industry's latest and greatest in instrumentation, software, tools, accessories and consumables offering participants opportunities to view new product launches, check out innovative products, explore ground-breaking technologies, and discuss challenges and solutions with experts in the exhibits. Mark your calendar to attend the conference of the year that covers all areas of liquid-phase separation science and related techniques with state-of-the-art format, strong content, expanded program of experts, training programs, user groups, multitudes of posters on display throughout the exhibit hall, prominently featured poster sessions, Best Poster competition, Separation Science SLAM competition, HPLC TUBE competition, huge exhibition where companies launch new products and showcase the latest instrumentation, software and tools, and abundant networking opportunities!

Preliminary List of Exhibitors



Activated Research Company

Advanced Materials Technology

Agilent Technologies (Gold sponsor)


CEM Corporation

Chromanik Technologies

Chromatography Today/International Labmate


Daicel Chiral Technologies

ESI Source Solutions



JG Finneran Associates, Inc.



MAC-MOD Analytical

Metrohm USA



Molnar-Institute for Applied Chromatography

Nacalai USA, Inc.

Pace Life Sciences

PIC Solution, Inc.

Regis Technologies


Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (Diamond sponsor)

SilcoTek Corporation


Teledyne ISCO

Thermo Fisher Scientific (Diamond sponsor)

Timberline Instruments

Tosoh Bioscience LLC

Trajan Scientific and Medical


Waters Corporation (Diamond sponsor)

Welch Materials, Inc.

YMC America